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Guttering & Fascia / Soffit Cleaning Services

Guttering & Fascia / Soffit Cleaning Services.

Birmingham Roof Repair Company realise that the vast majority of the population here in the UK are not able to do our own “Gutter Cleaning” or indeed anything to do with our roof i.e. “Roofing Repairs” or “Fascia & Soffit Replacement” etc.

Only by paying a reputable local Birmingham or Solihull roofing professional can one get the work done in an honest and affordable manner. As a matter of fact, according to a number of high profile research documents, ‘Window cleaning is the most dangerous job in the UK”.  The threat arrives from an individual falling off a ladder. This is given as the main reason for ranking the job so highly in a league table of the most risky professions.’

Therefore it follows that actually cleaning out guttering can be even more of a risk. The reason for this is that the person charged with carrying out the actual cleaning of the guttering, has to work at even greater heights than a residential window cleaner.

One should always have the guttering maintained. By not doing so, you the homeowner, could receive a large bill in the future. By having your guttering regularly checked and cleaned out by Birmingham Roof Repair every year you can be sure that no nasty bills are just around the corner.

The main purpose of rain guttering is to protect your building’s foundation by redirecting all rain water away from the base of the building. In addition guttering also helps to reduce erosion to the brickwork, whereby reducing the moisture absorbed into the structure of the property. This keeps the brickwork dry and free of moss, slime, algae etc.

Birmingham Gutter Cleaning

Therefore why not leave the maintenance of your upvc guttering to your local West Midland Gutter Cleaners.” We carry out the work so you don’t have to and why not have your fascias and soffits cleaned at the same time, to keep all your upvc plastic looking like new.

So to get an instant quote from Birmingham Roof Repair gutter cleaning services – simply email me telling me with the type of property you own and exactly what service you require.